Trinity is about Textile, Addiction and Sensuality.

Women’s curves are textile. Each and every woman has her own lines, her own textures.

Some are smooth fragile and soft, others are more robust and angular. Theses variations create a symphony of rythmes, sensations, feelings and lead to new intensities.


Women are addictive as soon as they produce a missing thing. For Yves Saint Laurent, theses muses are a drug, he can’t separate himself from them. In Trinity, the muses’ portraits take life only when the two pages that compose them are together. It is only when you separate the two pages that a lack is felt.


Women’s curves are sensual. With a play of light,
fills and blank spaces that I reconstruct women’s silhouettes after having deconstructed them.
Theses new smooth shapes reveals the sensuality of the feminine body.


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